Video and photo links

First footage in  a while from the Nash. 27.1.20 first half <here>

<second half>

‘Wet Monday @ The Nash’

YouTube footage…remember , remember the fourth of November…

<click for footage>

First footage of today’s ‘three touch Monday’ 30th. September 2019

can be found at the link   <click>  

And another good slice of action <here>

Photography  site shared with D.W.F.G. who have gone ‘pro’ on Flickr < here >

Also search youtube for ‘Tameside Striders’ 200+ videos include many of ours.

We are a ‘crossover’ group and many of our players pay at Denton and vice-versa.

FPL Prologue video – eighteen minutes pre-amble and some action from the first games: <link> 

Feedback here please or  comment on youtube: