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Garry Pearce


November 18th. 2019…

A five a side of a fairly peaceful nature on the nearest pitch today, just a couple of runs and contacts. Scoring was opened for the Blacks when Mike Taylor slotted calmly past Pete Atkinson in goals for the Orange’s. Roy Bond  then added another when his shot took a vicious spin out of Atkinson’s hands and bobbled over the line. Orange’s were having plenty of chances and ‘Tight Angle Mike’ became ‘Side Netting Mike’ after finding that part of the goal on several occasions, he was just unable to find a way past Keith Burrows in goal.

  • – – –
    Second half saw Kevin Barber  in goal for the Orange’s but their luck didn’t change, with sweetly struck goals from Keith Burrows , and Alan Brodie. Oranges were piling forward but Mike Caldwell just couldn’t find a way to beat Mike Taylor, now in goal, despite striking the post. Barber  was performing admirably in the Oranges net, but Keith Yardley then got himself on the scoresheet with two late goals, to give the scoreline something of a lop-sided look.
    I can’t recall a game previously when all the players on one team scored at least one goal each, so maybe a first?
  • (could well be Garry  – Ed.)

Final score: Blacks 6 v Oranges 0.


November 11th. 2019

Eleventh hour, eleventh day, eleventh month…

A window in the weather for us this morning at Curzon. Ten v ten, across the pitch, three touch. As these games often are, it was a tight affair with little between the teams and both ‘keepers having an easy half. Some early tackling from behind was soon penalised, as were a couple of runs for the Blacks. The best chance of the half fell to Mike Caldwell who was left with probably too much time and his shot struck the post before being cleared. Goalless at half-time.

Blacks were just about edging the play in the second half but they gave away a penalty for a third run.The pen was calmly placed past Mark in the Blacks goal, using the now famous ‘flamingo’ technique, by Pete Jarvis.

Blacks continued to press and their persistence was eventually rewarded when a Pete Smith shot was cruelly deflected off Dave Fielding, giving ‘keeper Mike no chance at all.

With just a few minutes remaining, neither side could break the deadlock and a draw was probably just about a fair result.

Final score Blacks 1 v 1 Yellows.


October 21st. 2019…

Blues v Oranges on the second pitch today. 11 players, so yesterdays birthday boy Dave Partington changed sides at half time. Scoring was opened for the Blues by a clever finish from Steve Hampson, giving ‘keeper Mark Bradshaw no chance. Blues were exploiting the man advantage and Steve Wingrove doubled their lead with a thumping effort after about 27 minutes.
The presence of Party for the Oranges, evened up the play in the second half and a good ball was put through to Keith Yardley who pivoted a la ‘Strictly’ and hammered a shot past Mike Kieron. Although Oranges were enjoying plenty of possession, Blues pushed forward and Martin’s crisp shot hit the post, rebounding of Mark’s arm and across the line. A late flurry from Oranges produced two excellent stops from Mike Kieran to preserve the Blues lead.
A fast moving game, three runs in total and just a couple of contacts.

A thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Final score: Blues 3 v 1 Oranges

thanks Garry…those of you there today may have ben approached by Dave Partington to register interest in the DWFG Christmas Party at Denton Golf Club.  Although we have changed venue – two successive, and successful years in the Nash Bar were great but we felt a change was due and a venue in Denton was appropriate this time – this is still looked upon as a joint night out for both of our groups and of course Ashton only players are welcome. We did ask Mark to be ‘guest of honour’ with Amanda and present the Denton P.o.Y awards but unfortunately Thursday night (12th.December )  is training night for the first team and he can’t make it. – Ed.


October 7th. 2019…five v. five and a lots of goals…

A plethora of goals (and goalkeepers) today on the second pitch, Blacks v Yellows. The scoring was opened for the Yellows by the effervescent Terry Bertenshaw who shot coolly past first ‘keeper Steve Wingrove. Dave Lees then equalised past Steve Foster, before Mick Adams put Yellows back in front, giving Dave Fielding no chance. Pete Smith then hammered a shot past Pete Jarvis to equalise again for the Blacks. Two more quick goals from Terry, the second a mazy dribble, made the score 4-2 to the yellows at half-time.

Change of goalkeepers for both teams for the second half and the scoring started for the Yellows again, when Terry gave Martin no chance. Terry then transgressed by walking through the area. Peter Smith stepped up for the penalty but his crisp shot was saved by Mick Adams. For the Blacks, Dave Lees pulled one back, firing past Darren. Pete Jarvis scored for Yellows, before Terry got his fifth and final goal. Dave Lees scored another couple for Blacks, separated by a Steve Foster own goal.

Confession time now, I told all the guys the final score was 8-5 for the Yellows, the score was Blacks 6 v 7 Yellows. My mistake, I booked Foster’s own goal to the wrong side!

No excuses. need to be better!

A great game though, little running or contact and lots of quality goals. (and it didn’t rain!).


September 23rd….

Five a side. Reds v Yellows on the second pitch this morning. Plenty of quick movement. The first infringement happening with five seconds! Reds were on top with plenty of possession, unfortunately there were plenty of wayward shots as well! No score at half time.
Second half continued in a similar vein, unfortunately Yellows reached three runs and up stepped Dave Lees to take the kick. Unfortunately Dave took a couple of mini steps back, so even prior to John Smith’s save, the effort was ruled illegal.
Barely one minute later, Dave found himself clean through on goal. Making no mistake he slotted the ball past John. A smart move some five minutes later, Steve Foster with a clever pass to Dave again. He put his effort past new ‘keeper Rob Lake to complete the scoring for the reds. Yellows had a bit more of the play but were unable to make any of it count.

Final score : Reds 2 v 0 Yellows

Editor’s note: I think the other game Orange v. Black (I think) finished one nil. I noticed some good passing from Hadge Cooper, but not much else,  including the goalscorer – I  just hope I’ve got the final result right! sorry if not.  Alan Graham Refereed for the first time in a while. Good to see you back Alan.


September 16th. 2019

Just a brief report on today’s game.18 players at the Nash on a sunny autumn morning (including Mark Bradshaw). Right from the off the game was quick and there were a couple of players penalised for running in the first half. Also prevalent today was a bit of contact. I know that some of the players don’t agree but playing multi-touch on a big pitch, as we did today, in my opinion, encourages contact and a few (just a few) stern words were spoken. The majority of contacts were as ever, accidental but tackling from behind or the side is always going to be penalised. We need to keep it safe! For me going forward, nine a side has to be three touch. (Just my opinion).

Both goals were scored in the first half for the yellows. Sheer persistence got Terry into a position to put his crisp shot past Mark in the Reds goal. Five minutes later a glorious pass from Terry found Mike Caldwell unmarked and he poked the ball home. Yellows had a few more first half efforts well saved by Mark.

Second half and the reds piled on the pressure but several top class saves from Mike Keiron kept the Yellows out, Joe Bemrose was particularly unlucky not to get his name on the score sheet.

Hand shakes and smiles all round at the end. No brews today as Mark was involved setting up the 3G for a game and there was a Burnley fixture in the stadium at the same time.

Thanks Garry – very disappointing that in  a big game on a Monday three touch was not instituted as had been agreed in the recent  past. Contact rearing its ugly head once more – Ed.



August 30th…

Two games at the Nash today, a six v six and a five v six.

Black v Orange on the six v six encounter, including new man Steve (yes another one!). Only 50 years old and he did ok for his first effort to be fair. The first half was quite an open affair, a decent number of shots at both ends. Danny Tipping in net for the Oranges was probably the busiest of the two ”keepers, making a couple of good stops to keep his team in it. Mark Bradshaw at the other end, saved all efforts in his dancing stocking feet!

Second half and again possession fairly even. Blues finally made a breakthrough when Danny could only parry a fiercely struck shot from Mike Conroy into path of the incoming Martin who made no mistake from the edge of the D. Oranges were being driven by Dave Lees but to no avail. Blues added to their lead when a crisp shot from Mike Conroy somehow squirmed through Danny’s grasp before just trickling over the line. Oranges almost had a consolation when Dave L was presented with a chance just put over the bar.
Much better paced game today, only one run and very little contact.

Final score: Blues 2  0 Oranges

On the five v six pitch, no ref but final score was 1-0 to the blues (I think). The goal scorer was Andy Truett with an ‘assist’ by Gordon


August 26th – Bank Holiday Special…

Another game where the early exchanges were too quick and both blues and oranges soon found themselves on two runs apiece. Yet again it settled down afterwards, leading to a goalless, fairly even first half.
Second half saw the blues beginning to get the upper hand and a sweet finish by Colin Cuthbert into the bottom corner gave ‘keeper Nixon no chance. Oranges kept battling and a firmly struck shot by Terry Bertenshaw, although partly stopped by Dave Partington , looped up and dropped over the line. (Under F. A. rules that goal would have been disallowed as it went over head height before dropping over the line, but ok under our rules, so goal stood).
Blues kept on with the pressure and when Joe B was presented with a chance just outside the ‘D’ he swept the ball home, again into the bottom corner. The scoring was completed for the Blues with a couple of minutes to go, Dave Lees anticipating and striding onto a loose ball to hammer the shot past the probably unsighted Gordon Nixon.
A good advert for the three touch game, lots of inclusivity and enjoyed by (almost) everyone I think.
Final score : Blues 3 v 1 Oranges

Box below for any feedback or indeed ‘ask the Ref’ – anything just leave your name please


August 23rd. 2019….

Seven blues v seven yellows at a warm Nash this morning. Scoring first for the Blues was regular striker Pete Jarvis. Pete then doubled his and the blues lead following a tidy assist from Dave Lees. A bit fast today and it wasn’t that long before both teams were on two runs. Fortunately they’re were no further transgressions!
Second half and the blues extended their lead with a slick, swift finish past ‘keeper Mark Bradshaw from Dave Lees. Yellows were having a good chunk of possession but finding it extremely difficult to find a way past the evergreen Dave Partington. A goal did eventually arrive, following an edge of the ‘D’ melee, in which the ball was allegedly headed by new man Kevin. The offence was not spotted by the ref and the ball dropped to the ever alert Joe Bemrose, who made no mistake.
A really good game in pleasant conditions, usual amount of banter taken in the right spirit.
Final score: Blues 3 v 1 Yellows


August 16th. 2019

It’s raining MEN !

Eleven real men and a referee braving the unrelenting rain at the Nash this morning.
Yellows started with the extra man and after two disallowed goals for running offences, they took the lead with a fine, controlled strike from Martin. They added to that with a sweet hit from Player of the Year  Dave Fielding shortly afterwards. The five man blues team then reduced the arrears with a tidy finish from Terry Bertenshaw,  just before half time.
Andy Truett changed sides at the break and the difference became apparent as the now six man blues soon levelled things up when Terry scored his second. Joe Bemrose then scored with one his trademark strikes , before another Terry goal, off the back of keeper Mike Kieran, put Blues further ahead. Dave Fielding then went off with a dead leg, resulting in Andy changing teams again. Yellows then had a chance to get back into the match, when they were awarded a penalty after three runs. Pete Smith struck the ball legally and firmly but yet another great save by Party kept the shot out. Pete Jarvis then rounded off the scoring for the Blues to end a really soggy but entertaining morning.

Final score: Blues 5 v 2 Yellows.

— – – – – –


12th.August 2019…

Seven a side, Blacks v Oranges on the near pitch today. Started off way too quickly and it wasn’t long before both sides had two runs each. This seemed to concentrate everyone’ s mind somewhat and to be fair the game settled down. The scoring was opened for the blacks when Terry hit a firm shot that ‘keeper Mike did well to parry but Terry reacted the quickest and put away the loose ball into the roof of the net. Oranges drew level in the second half, when Steve Hampson was put through, he made no mistake, curling a neat right footed shot past the exposed Party in the Blues net.

The game was fairly level, with lots of neat moves from both sides. The issue was finally settled when Terry again had a sight of goal, making no mistake and giving the ‘keeper no chance. With five minutes to go the Oranges did their best to get back on level terms again but it was never to be, blacks just shading it and probably, on balance, a fair result.

Final Score@ Blacks 2 v 1 Oranges


5th.August 2019…

Fresh from  a W.F.A. Referee course in Wakefield where he assisted , and just  a day after Refereeing N.W. England v. N.E. England games at King Street Garry Refereed one of our games today. He’s a good judge , is Garry… and here is his summing up…

Not that much to say about the six v seven game today, save that there were chances at both ends, there could and should have been goals in the game.
Overall blues were the livelier team and yet again Mike Keiron denied them on several occasions, most notably when stopping a couple of firmly struck efforts from John Smith.
The Oranges were no push overs though and were well prompted by the mobile Gordon Nixon.

Nixon: mobile prompter

Towards the end, Oranges had a couple of clear chances the best of which fell to Keith Yardley , he was clear of the blues defenders and although he did everything else right, his final shot went just past Peter Atkinson’s (?)  right hand post.
A good game, played in the best spirit, only two runs and a similar number of contacts, unfortunately no goals but that’s football!


29th.July 2019…

Quick report on today’s game at the Nash:
9 v 9 using the bigger goals and playing across the pitch to the usual length.
Thankfully running was mostly curtailed today, only two given in the whole game. Lots more ‘on the edge’ but to be honest, not affecting play for the most part. There was however a fair bit of contact today and it was after one such foul near the area, that a penalty was awarded.

Up stepped John Smith to despatch the kick for the Blues past a diving Dave Partington.
Yellows pressed hard and eventually after a smart move, Martyn Heath slotted neatly past Mike Kieran. A couple more saves from Mike kept the score level, probably Yellows just shaded it but a close game.

Final score : Blues 1 (Smith pen) v 1 Yellows (Heath)


20th.May 2019


Pleasant weather for our Six-a-side at the Nash this morning, with Benito (who’s looking after us whilst Mark’s away) in goal for the Oranges. The first half was full of action, and Oranges opened the scoring when John Smith danced through a couple of Blues defenders and put a smart shot past Gordon Nixon in the Blues goal. Blues were then awarded a penalty when Pete stepped into the area to play a back pass. Steve Wingrove stepped up, his first shot was blocked by Benito but Steve put away the rebound.

Blues were awarded a second penalty when Joe Bemrose was denied a goal scoring opportunity by a challenge called as a foul, as he was about to shoot. Once again Steve Wingrove stepped up. His shot struck the post and came back into play where Steve unfortunately got a nick on the ball, before Joe B put his shot past Benito. The goal was disallowed as the eagle-eyed John Smith saw Steve’s second touch before the ball had touched another player.

The second half was nowhere near as eventful and although Oranges stroked the ball around in a confident manner, with some decent shots, they were unable to make a breakthrough as the blues rear guard stood firm.

A, good competitive game played in the right spirit, only two runs in total.

Final score: Blues 1 v 1 Oranges.


13th. May 2019….


as Garry reports…

Eight a side at the Nash on a glorious May morning, Blues v Oranges.

Fairly level in terms of possession but Blues were the more adventurous and Gordon Nixon in the Oranges goal was much busier than Mark Bradshaw in the Blues net. The scoring was opened by Pete Smith when he followed in a crisp shot that was originally saved well by Nixon, but rebounded to Pete, who put the ball into the empty net. The blues second came courtesy of new man, Jeff Barnes, tucking away a sweet left foot strike that beat Nixon at his near post.

Things could have been even worse for the Oranges when a penalty was awarded against them for three running offences, Jeff Barnes took the penalty but prior to the whistle, and although Nixon saved it, a retake was necessary, which Nixon duly saved again. Blues did have some more, mostly long ranges attempts and although Oranges put in a shift, marshalled by the hardworking John Smith, Bradshaw was relatively untroubled in the Blues goal.

A few bits of contact but a good game, played in a great spirit.”

Final score: Blues 2 v 0 Oranges.

“Really enjoyed the game this morning some good flowing football from both sides and light hearted banter. Great crowd of blokes. Well refereed by Mr Garry Pearce” -Keith Burrows