Amblers had a mixed morning, as did the Bees.  This is a marathon – not a sprint (where have we heard that before ? – ED). FOR NEWS OF THE LEAGUE, FIXTURES AND REPORTS PLUS LINKS TO VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHS BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE LOOK HERE < here >


September 18th…Just under seven days to go to the kick-off and we hear that UCFB have been approached to offer assistance on the running of the league.  They will have students based at Curzon and it was suggested they could share the load and increase our media coverage .  We await confirmation of this and a discussion around parameters and depth of involvement.

On the playing front a recurrence of a back injury has meant Trevor Brereton will have to withdraw from the Amblers September squad. This is undoubtedly a blow , Trevor as we all know is an energetic midfield player with plenty of goals to his name. He was a key component in the Nash Bees squad last year and the move to Amblers followed the player draw in July.

Tameside Striders have a new goalkeeper Alan Butler for the September round as David Partington is away.  Never having sought ‘outside’ help before  for our Heywood commitments, we have the G.M.W.F.L. organiser to thank for placing Alan’s name in the public arena.  Alan is experienced at Heywood and came down to meet us at Denton this week.  He put in a couple of very good performances and praised the King Street set up afterwards.

Teams will once again kick off with 100 ‘fair play’ points . Alan Graham will carry out the statistician role from the dugout.  Amblers will be playing in Red this time around with Bees in their familiar black and yellow. Strider’s will of course be in their customary black and white...the Badgers are on the road again but not as far for them to travel this time.



The draw for the squads took place this morning 12th. August:

Here are the three squads. There is a window of opportunity for transferring players dependant on managers agreement. The ideal number for a squad is eight – assuming everyone turns up.  These squads have nine. Obviously this impacts on game time.  We need to discuss this between ourselves and find compromises.  If anyone wishes to withdraw please let us know a.s.a.p.

BEES: G.Nixon  /  J. Bemrose / A.Jones / M.Conroy / W.Taylor G/k/

A.Muir / M.Heath / J.Gaskin/ A.Richards

STRIDERS: D.Partington / P.Smith / C. Fielding / R.Lake / E.Lloyd / S.Hampson / D. Fielding & I. Taylor – both  available at different times  K.Yardley.  Mark Bradshaw will keep goal in September only as D.Partington is unavailable.

AMBLERS:  J Smith / S.Foster / T.Brereton  / S.Wingrove / D.Cudahy G/k  /A.Brodie

P. Jarvis /  S.Johnson







Some more F.P.L. news on the dedicated website:

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AMBLERS will wear Red  in the F.P.L. next season. Player manager John Smith confirmed this week.  The kit’s the same , some of the personnel will be different….although this team could probably do well !….no clashes either so no need for bibs (we hope).



We are entering three teams from across the Denton and Ashton groups into the 2019-2020 season of the FPL.  These teams – Amblers with John Smith, Bees with Gordon Nixon and Striders with David Partington will be drawn by lot from the list of those who want  to play once a month in what we now is a unique league – we are determined to keep it such.  Attracting points for good attitude and subtracting point for flouting the rules, showing dissent and not playing the game in the manner in which it was intended.

Each of our team managers has been given ONE choice of player to get their squad off to  a satisfactory start.  Thankfully there was no clash, otherwise pistols at dawn may have been called for.  As it turned out, nobody got shot.

Dave Partington’s Striders will be boosted by ….

Peter Smith

John Smith’s Amblers stiffened up by:

Steve Foster








and Gordon Nixon’s Bees add a sting with..

Joe Bemrose





What happened last season was settled with the last kick of the lot !

Read  all about it….click on  the link below

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