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Some news from Terry Bertenshaw which means we may not see him at our sessions for a while.
Terry has been feeling some discomfort in his chest when playing the game. This started over a year ago and persists when he exerts himself playing walking football. Normal walking and manual work in his upholstery business doesn’t result in the same symptoms, they only become apparent when  playing with us at Ashton.
Determined to get to the bottom of this he went along to the Doctor’s who referred him to a Consultant.  Resultant treadmill tests showed an abormality,  and further investigations revealed that heart by-pass surgery is going to be necessary.  This will likely enough be within the next couple of months. He won’t be playing in the meantime, of course.
Terry wanted me to share this with you all AND hopefully it will serve as warning to all of us to get aches and especially pains checked out if they persist for more than  a very short while.
A popular man and a very good player ,  we’re going to miss him in the medium term but we know he will be back and fitter than ever.  A full throttle Terry will be a real handful once again so that’s another warning for us all – especially our goalkeepers!
Seriously – we  send Terry and his family, wife Sam and son Lewis all our  best wishes  and look forward to his return when he is ready and we will be keeping in touch in the meantime.


February (3rd.)  first footings….

Photo’s from  the Amblers internal session on Flickr: <shoot>


January 27th. 2020: Back at the Nash this morning ahead of the F.P.L. on Wednesday. Good to  see an eight v. eight in progress and also catch  a word with Jenny, of the N.H.S. who are trying to get across the benefits of walking to many more people.  We had a good chat and will convey the benefits of walking football by way of a couple of case studies if anyone is interested in writing about themselves and the pleasure, exercise and camaraderie you’ve found in the game.

It was also good to catch up with Terry Bertenshaw as I’ve not seen him in a long time. An unusual morning for Terry – he didn’t score !  Video of the game coming soon….



Update from Alan Richards < here >


6/1/20 and Barry Thickett put his new (and expensive) camera and lens  to work at Curzon today…


Half-time conversation for Terry and David….

Editor’s note: This website is not being used much.  The domain has five months to run.  I need input and copy from people if it’s to be kept on.  Photo’s if I’m not there for instance. Almost everyone has a camera about their person these days.  The domain could reach retirement by   May.

Any submissions to by email please



Also: Walking Footballers and their partners are invited to a free Christmas lunch. A three course dinner on Wednesday the 11th. Dec in the early to mid-afternoon. You do need to book your places. Talk to Andy Cheshire at the club.

Also players are invited to drop in at the Friday ‘well being‘ sessions for a free two course lunch. The first one is on the 13th. December. Mark says it would be great if you could just drop in to the first one of these after playing on that day. There is no need to book for this one.

In other news the F.P.L. is now affiliated to Manchester County Football Association



Video from November 4th…’Wet Monday at the Nash’ link on the relevant page




Kent based Steve Rich has used his opinion platform to denounce the one step penalty.  Most of the article is shown below.  The part that’s ringed suggests to me where he is going wrong on this.  We do not allow retakes under Manchester County F.A. rules, either in our sessions or in the F.P.L. and this tends to concentrate the mind.

To continue re-taking ad.infinitum until  a players gets it right, then either misses, or converts is plainly ridiculous.  Many more of our one step penalties fall the right side of the rules these days and I’ll be responding soon with my own opinion piece on this matter.  For those who do not know of him , Mr. Rich was one of the original founders of the Walking Football Association but soon left after  not quite seeing eye to eye with co-founder and current ‘Chief Executive’ Paul Carr.

You can check out his site at the link below where the full article can be read

 One Step Beyond !…is it Madness ? or simply wrong ? – the Editors own expanded view can be found at the link below

<one step beyond>


SEVENTY PHOTO’S FROM TODAY 14/10/19 at this link  <here>

The continental mix was maintained at the Nash this morning as 22 walking footballers were joined on the pitch by Nikolas and Emre from the Netherlands, photographed here with our very own David Partington.  It was a pleasure to have these young men playing with us and we may see them again on Friday….

Party goes Dutch…

There will be more photographs and no doubt some added comments about the games today.  A one-nil win with a Mike Conroy goal the difference between two teams and I think  a three nil victory Orange v.  Yellow with Hadge Cooper among the goals.  Alan Graham once again continued his Refereeing rehabilitation by officiating this one. Thanks to Alan, and of course Garry for taking the other game for us.


News of a Dutch influence on proceedings at the Nash from Gordon Nixon…

Bibs v Plains at Ashton today, given the weather 11 regulars along with Mark and two young footballers from the Netherlands made up for a good 7 v. 7, the rain thankfully held off during the game but the goals didn’t , with the bibs running out 5-2 winners, with our own young Johan Cruyff netting 4 and Mike Taylor he was more than pleased with his first ever goal in Walking Football.
I think Martyn Heath scored both for the Plains.
Good game all round very little running or contact the lads did well with no Referee. 




< Septober photo’s>

From two venues as the months transitioned, click the link above.


Dateline Denton 1/10/19  DIXON HITS A BRACE !


Peter Dixon

The Nash Amblers,  reeling from the blow of losing Trevor Brereton for the rest of the league campaign have called up Peter Dixon to their strike force.  John Smith had been concerned where the goals were going to come from and have turned to the former postal worker to stamp some authority into the front line.

First class at Denton’s August festival, Dixon docked with a Strider’s outfit and was on target more than once, narrowly missing  those mini-goals with a couple of other efforts.  Peter is a keen ‘F.C. United of Manchester’ Supporter and can often be seen wearing their socks.  The red shirts of the Amblers will surely appeal to this dangerous forward who always gives his best, and rarely gets penalised for running with A loping stride  that seems to assist in keeping one foot on the ground.   The ‘Tameside Trumpet’ sports correspondent  called him tonight to ask if he was up for the challenge.

“Yes, why not ?” came the Marple mans emphatic reply.

Let’s hope this move solves a problem for the Amblers, last seasons walkers-up.


The squad gathers for the Fair Play League…



Gordon Nixon reports on today’s game at ‘the nash’….6/9/19

“Very good turnout today at Curzon considering the poor weather, 7v7 kick off in the pouring rain this did not detract from some very good passing football from both teams l think the Blues just edge the first half, but in the second half  orange took a well deserved lead as Terry shot hard and low across the diving Dave  Partington, into the bottom corner. The good passing football continued, no contact,  very little running and no Referee, this game was a credit to all who took part.” – Gordon


We all know by now the Fair Play League is played with the three touch format. Not everyones cup of tea but  its advantages are gaining some traction, not just here but elsewhere in the country too, and they don’t play anything else in Scotland !  Here’s some anonymous but encouragingly positive  feedback from  a convert, which we’ve had via the website…

Three touch:
” In the early stages of my experience with it, I found the transition difficult.  I  finally got my head around it  by realising I couldn’t play the way I did multi touch. I had to be more aware of where the nearest players were, both opposition and teammates, and be thinking of my next pass before I received the ball. I’d look to take no more than 1 or 2 touches rather than the allowable three.
Now when I play the format  my objectives are the same. Being aware of the other players positions and taking no more than one or two touches mostly. This seems to work well and working with others we can  enjoy a good session and come away feeling good.
The adjustment  has left me looking forward to the FPL feeling I can contribute but  regardless of future games being three touch, I see that I can play the same way even in multi-touch games.



As someone who has spent more time on the touchline than I’d like to recently,  I just want to add that when it’s played in the above manner the three touch game is much better to watch. Rather than seeing a few players dribbling with the ball , shielding it as they take numerous touches twisting and turning,  almost inviting contact and often going absolutely nowhere the three touch game is easier on the eye and those who play it well can become the fulcrum of their teams progress forward. And while someone is taking eighteen or nineteen touches on the ball his team mates are temporarily  frozen out of the game. – Alan R.


BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY SESSION GOES AHEAD – USUAL TIME – and by all early accounts it was a big 10 v. 10 game but three touch was employed. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it. (subsequent reports  suggest those hopes were dashed.  We are all about alternatives but the format is dictated by the numbers – and the need for a safe and inclusive game).

PITCH PERFECT ? – it’s all about timing….

…When players turn up on Monday’s and Friday’s they often mull around chewing the fat , exchanging news and gossip,  the balls are out  by now and a few more might lazily kick  a few around until it’s warm up time. BUT while this is going on the usual suspects are preparing the pitches or pitches, laying down the markers and moving the goal posts into position.  Some times , like today this takes two or three attempts as the numbers rise , eleven o’clock comes and goes and latecomers still turn up.

CAN WE THEREFORE PLEASE ALL PLAYERS TO TRY TO ARRIVE TEN MINUTES OR SO EARLY WHENEVER POSSIBLE ?  We are lucky  that  a few minutes over run (walk) at our fab venue  is not usually a problem,  but it IS a bit exasperating for the men who do the groundwork.

THANK YOU both to  them, and to you for reading and hopefully responding to this message.



Check out the F.P.L. page for news of the draw:

look <here>

New player for The Nash:


5th. August…and  our Player of the year David Fielding is presented with his award by Mark Bradshaw, Curzon first team  boss and walking football mentor:

“Fantastic game at the Nash today 2nd. August…read all about it at the link below the pic…Yes it was a great game today, a perfect advertisement for WF. Full flowing and end to end throughout. It doesn’t get much better than this for skill, effort and enjoyment by both teams, well done everyone”

………..Anonymous email to the website


Second half footage <click>

If you think we can raise a Nash Ambler’s  Over 60’s squad for  a sixth successive season at Heywood’s GMWFL from September this year please ring Alan, or text before the end of this week 27th.July – o7387 174934.


Player of the season, player of the year ? Your choice – either way the name is the same…

“Thank you everyone – just playing and the camaraderie and the friendships I have made make life worthwhile. The banter is second to none. And the organisation by Alan, Mark and the committee are incredible. We are all very lucky to be doing something as well organised and enjoyable at our time of life, long may it continue for us all – thanks” –  Dave Fielding


JULY 21st.Tomorrow. Monday 22nd.  the voting will close for the player of the year season 2018/19. 90% of votes have been cast some by text and online. I’ll have a few slips with me tomorrow if you want one. Remember £1 per vote for first and second choice (inclusive) helps pay for the trophy.  Result will be announced midweek online by way of a video.  The award will be presented early August at the Nash I reckon. Cheers – Alan Richards


Player of the year vote fragments !

The first dozen votes are in and it’s an  interesting ELEVEN horse race so far. (Yes, ELEVEN !)

With so many names mentioned so far in the voting with a first and second choice to try to avoid a tie.  It’s building up to quite  a crescendo of excitement for the 22nd. deadline. If you haven’t had a voting slip yet ask yours truly. We have a leader but he can be caught. – Ed.

Dave Partington in Goaklkeeper guise

All will be revealed soon and  for the princely sum of a quid  (to buy the trophy) there’s still time for you to cast your vote. Last years winner Dave Partington is ineligible as is 2017 winner and goal scorer extraordinaire Terry Bertenshaw…..


News from the Nash 3g. July 12th. 2019…

Today we welcomed new player David Atherley into the fold at Curzon.  He’s not played football for many  a long year but dipped his toes into the water today in  a blue bib and emerged on the winning team. Not quite a baptism of fire but the pace of the game was exceedingly brisk  and David’s been invited to Denton on  a Thursday morning where he may better acclimatise himself to the walking game in the short term.

David Atherley

Other returners, or novices would find  it hard, if not impossible  to impose themselves on the kind of game I saw this morning.

The days of the recent past when we had enough players for two games seem to have gone for now. This catered  for those who see themselves as a cut above the ordinary and somewhat more mobile, to play the kind of game they enjoy on  one pitch whilst  others, including newcomers  would play a purer version of the game on the other.  However, there were some that didn’t like THAT either. Not easy to satisfy varying tastes but…

…It’s in the interests of inclusivity that  numbers grow a.s.a.p. but unfortunately we cannot conjure players up from thin air. Recruitment  is at a virtual standstill, although some will of course feel this doesn’t matter.

Feedback box below.   – Ed.




NEWS ! This weeks NASH PODCAST features a conversation with Mark Bradshaw –


June 12th. 2019 – –The Nash Amblers held a very strong Over 60’s  England regional side (W.F.A.) to  a three-three draw .  A truly valiant effort by all in blue which will see fuller reporting, and video links emerge soon. In the meantime here is a group mingle after the final whistle.  If some look cream crackered – it was that kind of game – and thirty minutes each way. Almost all of the game is now online on youtube – check the ‘Friendlies’ page for links.

Grateful thanks to Referee Garry Pearce.

  • – – – –

9th.June 2019;  A  Seven v. Seven at the Nash today and a 4 – 2 win for the Blues aided by  a second half Bradshaw infusion.  Mark played outfield today to give him  a walk out before the friendly with N.W. England W.F.A. on Wednesday.  Trevor Brereton will report soon.  Here are the teams gathered by our new banner. I’m also pleased to report a productive chat with Curzon’s new ‘media man’ Paul Jolleys.


7th.June 2019 – with turnout predictably a little lower than usual at the Nash today, Dave Fielding has messaged in  a brief report of the five-a-side game that took place…

A final score of 4 – 4. Sides were Blacks – Mike Keiron, Joe Bemrose , Mike Conroy, Steve Hampson and Colin Cuthbert. Oranges – Dave Fielding, Andy Truett, Dave Lees, Mike Caldwell and Rod Seddon.  First half Dave Fielding in goals,  Second Andy Truett. A very good game of flowing football with the excellent Mike Conroy scoring 4 goals for the blacks. first half ended 4 – 1 to Oranges – unsure of all scorers for Orange but know Dave Lees and Mike Caldwell were on target. Incredible comeback by the side in black bibs in the second half to level the scores. A massive thank you given to Roy Smith for refereeing with no whistle ! – which must have made it doubly difficult for him” –                                                                                                         Dave Fielding


Thanks Dave – much appreciated and I can confirm Refereeing without a whistle is hard ! – Ed.















Handshakes all round at the end of the goalless draw 9 v 8 game at the Nash Monday 3rd.June

A photo from Colin Fielding…







David Partington (left) with Alan Graham

Here’s his account of what transpired when thirteen others took to the 3g….

Yellows 1  (Conroy)  Blues 1 (Wingrove)

It was seven v seven this morning at the Nash, the game ended in a 1-1 draw with Mike Conroy scoring for the yellows when he received a fine cross ball from Terry Bertenshaw.  Mike hit the ball first time from close range with great power,  Partington in the Blues goals managed to get his finger tips to it but could not keep it out !  The keeper had to check he still had all his fingers intact it was hit  that hard.  Yellows, with Pete Smith pulling the strings from midfield were well worth their lead and he was well assisted by Martyn Heath and Joe Bemrose, leaving Mike Caldwell up front. 

John Gaskin

Gordon Nixon took the gloves once more and dealt with everything comfortably,  making a couple of very good saves.  The blues had the ever dependable Rob Lake at the back, along with Dave Fielding and this pair made it tough for Yellows to create chances. Steve Wingrove made the decisive pass enabling Steve Foster to score a deserved equaliser for the Blues.

Steve Hampson was always involved as always, to great effect it must be said and John Gaskin also played his part in game without a referee  and no Mark Bradshaw who was busy elsewhere.  Good game, good draw and played with the right attitude seeing there was no Referee well done everyone.  

*edited* – thank you David.

Note for Denton men” Tuesday will see our final games at Curzon Ashton during the enforced switch.” Thanks to Mark Bradshaw and the club for making us welcome while our pitch was renewed, it’s not far from completion – Ed.




Mark Bradshaw

Mark Bradshaw is to make his debut for the Nash Amblers in the June 12th. friendly v. N.W.England (WFA) .  A matter of months  ‘underage’ his appearance has been agreed with the N.W. manager Mark Davis.

We will still look to field a team with an average age of around sixty years.

An important factor when it comes to team selection in which Competitive boss John Smith, Co-ordinator Alan Richards and Bradshaw himself will be involved.


This is a  relatively  new site.

The domain name has cost Nash Amblers funds just  £15.50.  Higher  ‘hosting costs’ are subsidised for now by Denton Walking Football Group who have online hosting which can accommodate extra domains.  DWFG players agreed to renew the plan this month, which also includes under its wing the Fair Play website.

This means the new site has at least  twelve months to establish itself as the ‘go to’ site for the walking football at the Nash. Please use it. It is hoped that the Curzon club website will link to this one in  an effort to raise the profile of walking football at the Nash.

I will be editing it for the time being but as you can  see from the page headings there’s scope for lots of input from trusted sources – match reports etc. A feedback box like the one below will accompany most of the posts here. If you wish your comments to remain private just add that add the end of the text, or otherwise they may be published here – thanks.

Alan Richards (Current co-ordinator Curzon WF)  Nash Amblers.

Here’s an old screenshot from the 2017 end of year review – get well soon AG !